5 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

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Located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that is rich in history. This country in South Asia sees many visitors every year who want to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sights. There are many draws to Sri Lanka and people often want to experience everything about this amazing island. If you’ve ever considered visiting Sri Lanka or you would like to know more about this beautiful island, then you should keep reading this article to hear five reasons why you should visit this summer.

Amazing Hotels

In Sri Lanka, there are plenty of hotels opening all the time. You can choose from amazing resorts deeper inland to those by the beach that ooze luxury. In Sri Lanka, there really is something for everyone when it comes to price. Make sure to check out amazing resorts like the KK Beach which will definitely impress you.

Easy to Travel

If you like to travel when you are on holiday, then you’ll love how easy it is to get about in Sri Lanka. There is a lot of public transport and you’ll be able to fly off to other islands if you’re there for long enough. Often people compare Sri Lanka to India when they say that they are very similar except for how easy Sri Lanka is to travel around in.

Animal Sanctuaries

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with some elephants, Sri Lanka is the place to go. You’ll want to stay away from the places that let you ride the elephants as this can be really bad for them but volunteering at an elephant sanctuary can actually be really amazing. Sri Lanka has some great ones for you to choose from so make sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

Experiencing The Culture

The culture of Sri Lanka has a lot to offer and if you visit the Sleepy Galle then you’ll be very impressed. Here you’ll be able to experience the local nightlife and get to know other travellers. You’ll also get to see the amazing architecture and there might even be an international cricket match on here if you go at the right time. Make sure to do your research and learn about the locals, they are known for being friendly and willing to help if you need any local advice.

Plenty More

Sri Lanka is popular with tourists who want to experience what life is like in South Asia. However, many people tend to opt for the more touristy areas that have great hotel resorts and food from all over the world. If you want to experience the real Sri Lanka, then you should make sure to check out the unique tourist things to do like cooking like a local or visiting a local farm. There is so much to do here, and you’ll never get bored of seeing what the locals get up to when the tourists aren’t around.

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