Choosing Comfortable Dog Carriers for Air Travel

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In case, you have been planning to travel by air with your dog, you would be required to carry the essential dog carrier for plane. These have been readily available in the market. These products would help you keep your pet dog relatively comfortable all through the journey. Prior to you starting searching for dog carriers, it would be imperative that you check out pet travel policy for choosing the best. You would be required to understand about the size of the carrier for your pooch. It would determine where your pet would be when travelling on the plane. Usually, large animals would be put in the cargo. Lack of climate control in the cargo may have negative impact on your pet. On the other hand, small animals could be put along your seat. However, it would require you to meet the requisite dimensions.

What should you consider before choosing a carrier for air travel?

Find below some important aspects to be considered before choosing dog carrier for your air travel needs.

Measuring your dog

You need to get the best and airline approved dog carrier. It would require you to measure the dog. Measurements would be taken from the nape to the base of the tail for length and ground to the shoulder of the dog for height. Usually, dogs that measure approximately 18 inches in length to 12 to 14 inches in height are allowed to travel in the cabin. A dog measuring more than the stipulated height and length would be required to travel in the cargo.

Choosing the right dog carrier

You should inquire from your favourite carrier store if they have dog carriers allowed by specific airlines. When you shop for them, you should make sure that the carrier should contain sufficient space for the pets for turning around, lying down and standing without any problem. They should be able to stretch and sleep in the carrier. Yet another important point would be that of ventilation. It should have proper circulation of air. When it comes to safety of the dog, you should ensure that no part of the dog should come out of the cage during travel. It should also secure food and water bowls easily in it.

Preparation for travelling

Once you have found airline approved dog carrier, you should prepare your dog for travelling in it. The preparation should be started well before your travel plans. The dog should be comfortable in the dog carrier during the travel.


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