Explore Malapascua: The Perfect Travel Guide

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You have probably heard a lot of great things about Malapascua. There are many photos online that you can see along with reviews from those who have been here. Cebucation has all necessary information you need to help you make up your mind. If you are trying to prepare yourself for a Malapascua visit and imagining yourself packing your bags, riding the bus and taking the boat, the following are some helpful ideas.

The Northern Part of Cebu is Amazing

There is no need for you to be worried about the bus ride that’s going to take about four hours to get to Cebu’s northern tip. The picturesque sights you will witness along the way will surely keep you up and mesmerized.

The Boat Ride is Fine and Won’t Take Long

From mainland Cebu, the boat ride to Malapascua is expected to be easy and quick. After reaching the Maya Wharf in Daanbantayan, you just have to get on a boat and you will be in the island of Malapascua in twenty minutes.

The Island has Friendly Locals

If you are worried about how local people in the island will treat tourists, then forget about it. The locals in Malapascua are very friendly and the island itself is quite small. You may be able to bump into the same people many times while you are there. So make sure you smile or smile back.

There is Booming Tourism

Malapascua is full of tourists. Whenever you arrive there, you may be able to see a tourist enjoy a beach massage or scuba diving. In fact, there may be couples enjoying barbecue and hanging rice at a barbecue stand at a side of the road.

Malapascua is full of tourists

Accommodation is Everywhere

In Malapascua, accommodation is plenty to pick from. There are high-end accommodations and transient houses for weekenders. Indeed, you may be able to get a room that a queen sized bed, a bathroom and a stand fan at less than P500.


There is Gorgeous Water that Takes One’s Breath Away

You can check out pictures of Malapascua waters over the web to see exactly what I meant here. These waters are home to unique creatures that are not only friendly but also stunning enough to make you feel lucky you are in the island.

pictures of Malapascua waters

The Island is a Diving Paradise

If you like to swim or dive, then Malapascua is simply the best destination for you. You will be offered a minimum of 4 famous dive spots providing extraordinary diving experiences. You have the option to take part in cave diving in Gato or be one of those who wall dive in Calamangan island. Also, you can explore the Dona Marilyn wreckage or swim with the ever friendly thresher sharks at Monad Shoal.

Island is a Diving Paradise

There are Glorious Beaches

If you want a relaxed, fun and quiet day at the beach, you can surely have it in the island of Malapascua. If you are into health regimen such as yoga, you would like to be in the beach early in the morning. However, if you really worship the sun, they you can always lay out a beach towel and get the tan you want.

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