Failproof Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend this Valentines Day

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It seems like just yesterday we were all racking our brains for the perfect Christmas gift to give our lovely ladies… and now, right around the corner is Valentine’s Day. A lot of girls will say that they don’t care about gifts and they just want to spend quality time with you; in reality, we are pretty much obligated to give them something, material or not. If you are stuck on ideas, here are some things that never fail to put a smile on most girl faces when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Day Trip Away

Instead of doing the standard Valentine’s Day date night eating out at an expensive restaurant, make plans for something a little less orthodox. Your schedule might not allow you to escape on the actual day of Valentines, but look for a nice trip to do over the weekend or on your days off. Some great getaways could be camping, a visit to local hot springs, or a weekend at a bed and breakfast. Regardless, she’s sure to enjoy your time together.

Goodie Bag

Instead of buying one big gift or doing one grand action, you can do a lot of smaller things. One great option is a goodie bag full of her favorite things. Makeup from Sephora, gourmet chocolates from her favorite candy store, treats for her dog, a gift certificate to get her nails done, etc. Whatever little things bring a smile to her face on a daily basis, put them in a variety bag! It’ll be a new present everyday.

Homemade Coupons

It may sound like a corny gift from a lame teenage movie, but you would be surprised how much girls like getting homemade coupons. You can include stuff like household chores neither of you enjoy doing, acts of kindness like massages, or other random ideas that mean something to you and your relationship. If you take this route, put some serious time and creativity into it though, or it might look like you just threw something together at the last minute.

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