Going on an African Safari? Take this Advice First

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Going on an African safari provides the opportunity to have a unique adventure of your lifetime. You will be able to see exotic wildlife, have a great view of the incredible scenery and snap photos which will capture your trip’s memories. While safaris are expensive holiday options, it will be possible for you to extend your stay through some tricks.

The Right Time to Go

Weather and cost are the main reasons you need to explore different dates for your trip to Africa. Travel experts say lodge rates have a tendency to fall by up to 40% as you go in the off-season that takes place from April to June. This is true even at five-star hotels. Also, airfare is more affordable during off-peak times. But, if cost is not a problem to yo9u, you can have your African safari from September to November where many people choose to have the trip.

Things to Do

Choose the activity that you desire to do and find a safari which caters to you. Photo safaris, big-game hunting trips, mountain climbing and elephant back tours are famous safari trips. Don’t forget a Kruger Park safari in your list. In order to get the best value for your money, find a trip that is hosted by a field professional. For example, many wildlife photographers host instructional safaris which include photo processing tricks and tutorials.

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Places to Go

Africa’s southwest portion is far and away the most stunning places in the continent. Therefore, you won’t be able to see one third of the world’s second biggest continent. The places you choose to go depend on your personal preference, availability and budget. For example, Kenya’s Maasal Mara is undoubtedly the most popular safari destination in the continent. Compared with the Samburu Game Reserve, Maasal Mara is naturally pricy. The former also features lush surroundings and exotic wildlife at nearly half the price.  Additionally, safari lovers would also see incredible outlying island although extra airfare is needed in order to reach such destinations.

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Things to Pack

Experienced travellers know the importance of packing light. If you do not need to worry about taking along heavy suitcases or losing expensive designer apparel, then you can just focus on your trip and just relax. Consider comfort and practicality and stick to clothing with natural colors to ensure you blend in with the surrounding and get yourself closer to the continent’s wildlife.  Know that nights in African can be cool and you need pants and long sleeves to keep you cooler.  Remember to bring sunblock, sunglasses and hat.

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Tipping in Africa

Even if you have prepaid your safari, consider travelling with a small amount of money to tip people. You can also bring some thank-you cards. Unless you are not happy with your safari experience, you can spend around $10 per individual every day on the ranger. When the safari involves a tracker, you can tip him about same amount. Normally, guides do not expect more than $5 per person every day. It will be generous enough to give $15 per day to your driver. Hotel and restaurant tipping is about 10% to 15%.

Tipping in Africa

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