How to Get Barcelona Football Match Tickets

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Barcelona FC has been playing their home games at a superb stadium right in the middle of the city. As a result, it has developed into one of the biggest tourist attractions for visitors venturing into this region of the globe. You would be astonished at the very sight of Barcelona’s famous Camp Nou home ground. This world renowned football stadium has seen several great matches over the years. In addition, you would have also come across several world’s greatest football players having a ball in this popular ground. The ground has also played host to the final phase of major football tournaments. The Noucamp or Camp Nou stadium has been known to hold approximately one hundred thousand spectators. It has been truly one of the world’s fabulous sports grounds.

Getting a ticket to Barcelona FC match

You might often ask yourself, how would you get a ticket for FC Barcelona match in case you have been visiting the city?

You would be provided with a world of options, but you should remember that the team have been performing superbly since 2005. As a result, it would not always be easy to acquire a seat for match when the club has been playing great. It would not be wrong to suggest that good play and good results have been known to bring a number of fans to the arena. Availing a Barcelona FC ticket would also depend on the time of year you intend to go. Several tickets have been made available directly from Camp Nou stadium. You could also book them on phone and online. Football tickets could also be bought via the serviCaxi ticket purchasing service. In case, you are not a member of FC Barcelona club, which would be equivalent to any season ticket holder in the UK, you would be required to purchase your tickets through phone or online. However, the ticket should be bought a minimum of fifteen days prior to the match. You could also make use of the online ticket booking service, but it might have a reputation for being unreliable sometimes.

Barcelona FC match

Price of the ticket

Tickets for the match could cost depending on the fact where you would sit. In addition, it would also depend on the stature of the match. However, on match days, there would be ticket touts all over the stadium. To be fair, a majority of these people would be mostly the spectators or members having spare ticket. Nonetheless, you should be careful of conmen and rip-offs having forged or fake tickets. In case, they claim themselves to be have a spare seat, you should make them take you into the stadium. You should not hand over the cash until you have been seated comfortably in your seat.

Price of the ticket

Some games would be next to impossible to get tickets to. In case, you have been contemplating on going to watch a Barcelona against Real Madrid match, you might be required to break your bank balance in order to get a ticket. Therefore, it would be pertinent that you have requisite knowledge of the Barcelona fixtures, so that you could plan to buy your tickets well in advance.

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