Should You Book a Cycling Holiday?

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Are you looking for something different for your next holiday? One option is to cycle from location to location instead of driving. This type of holiday isn’t going to be for everyone, though. While it certainly offers some unique options and a different perspective on travelling, it might not be for you either. Here are some ways that these holidays are different. If you’re not sure you want to spend a large portion of your next holiday on a bicycle, learning about these options may help you decide if such a trip is right for you.

You Love Cycling

The first reason to choose one of these holidays is pretty simple: you love to cycle. Cycling can be a lot of fun. You get to enjoy the outdoors and really take in the scenery as you ride. In fact, one thing that many love about cycling across the country instead of driving is that they can stop and enjoy the scenery whenever they want. They can stop for a picnic or to simply explore a bit of their surroundings. You can do that in a car, too, but there’s something about being enclosed in a vehicle that seems to discourage doing so.

You Love the Exercise

Cycling through your holiday means you’ll spend a good number of hours on your bike, so you’ll get plenty of exercise. For those who love working out and are already in great shape, this can be a fun way of continuing to train. If you’re not in shape, though, you may find that cycling holidays leave you feeling stiff and sore after the first day. There’s no shame in that, and some actually choose these holidays simply to get in shape.

If you’re not sure about riding a long way, there are some cycling holidays that don’t require as much time on the bike. Some of these holidays are based out of one location. You can ride to nearby areas to explore, or you can make the decision to skip a day and simply explore where you are.

You’re Environmentally Conscious

There’s nothing more environmentally friendly than riding your bicycle instead of driving or flying somewhere. It’s a great way to help keep the air clean and save precious resources. Being out in the open where you can see, smell, and hear everything around you also helps to put you more in touch with your surroundings.


You Want to Learn

Going on holiday in a car means you really only pay attention to your destinations rather than on the path that takes you to those locations. Cycling opens up the world to you. You might smell something delicious and decide to make an unexpected stop at a local restaurant, or you might hear some live music and change your route to discover a large festival. Anything you happen to notice can turn into a stop on your trip. Some of these things you might notice while driving, but you wouldn’t notice some others unless you were on foot or riding a bike.

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