Top AU Camping Spots For The Elderly

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When it comes to traveling with seniors, you will want a camping spot that is comfortable, well serviced, and within pristine settings that can be enjoyed right from the camp. You will most likely also want a spot that has great activities nearby for those in the camping party who are not advanced in years. This combination of comfort and adventure is fortunately quite easy to find in Australia. There are dozens of RV camps and resorts spread out across the country that offer both. Because campervan hire travel is such a tradition here, there are many parks in almost every region that serve up the needs of both elderly campers and their younger companions. If you’re planning a trip with some senior members of your family, then definitely check out these spots that will be perfect for your stay.

BIG 4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park

If you plan on traveling in the southern territories, then make sure not to overlook BIG 4 Renmark Riverfront park. True to its name, this massive park is located right on the river’s edge, offering incredible access for fishing and boating. Many campers come here to spend several days of fishing or boating on the water, returning each night to all the comforts of the park. The service here is terrific, so you won’t have any trouble with your hookups and setup, plus you and your family can enjoy spoils that include a pool, pet care, and even dining opportunities. The park is comfortable and well serviced, making it perfect for elderly travelers as well.

BIG 4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort

Located in Queensland, this resort is perfect for those seeking both comfort and outdoor activities in the area. The park is known to be comfortable and features a beautiful setting that senior travelers can enjoy. For the younger members of the traveling party, there is plenty to enjoy here as well. No matter if you are rafting, kayaking, fishing, hiking, or mountain biking, this park has access to all the best stretches of outdoor territory, waterways, and trails in the area. BIG 4 also has the capacity to house any size rig, full hookups, and all the amenities you need to stay comfortable during your holiday in Queensland. Both you and your elder traveling partners will be in heaven here.

Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort

If you are traveling in the Queensland area and looking for a luxurious park full of amenities and comfort, then look no further than Cairns. Here you will find space for any type of rig, full setup amenities and services, and top amenities such as supplies stores, a massive pool, and even gym facilities. All this comfort, not to mention the beautiful setting, makes this resort a prime spot for those traveling with elderly family members. This is luxury camping at its finest, so make sure to book ahead if you want to enjoy Queensland in style on your campervan hire trip.

RACV Cobram Resort

Those traveling in the Northern region will definitely want to consider Cobram for an extended stay. This park offers access to some of the most lush forests in the North, offering campers the opportunity to spend their says hiking, bird watching, or boating the rivers. Many of the activities here are slow paced and great for elderly travelers. Plus this comfortable park features large spaces, all the hookups and services you need, and amenities galore. Cobram is the perfect combination of outdoor access and comfort, making it great for those traveling with the elderly.

Halifax Holiday Park

Halifax has long been a favorite for motorhome travelers due to its terrific location, plentiful amenities, and the general comfort its grounds provides to travelers. The pristine outback surroundings are perfect both for elderly travelers and those looking for the types of outdoor adventures this region has on offer. The grounds themselves are clean, well-serviced, and comfortable for travelers journeying with any type of rig or setup. There are also amenities including shower facilities, stores with food and essentials, all the hookups you could want, and friendly service. This is the type of place where older travelers can kick back in a comfortable setting and enjoy the great outdoors in this beautiful region.

Traveling with elders doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can find an equal medium with a comfortable park in a setting that offers close range access to adventures in the region. There are a wide variety of parks all across the country that offer a combination of tranquil settings and comfort with a range of access to adventures in the region. This is what campervan hire travel is all about, connecting with friends and loved ones regardless of age. So if you plan on hitting the road shortly with an elder in your life, then check out these parks for sure.

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