Travel Tips for a Danish Holiday

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While so many of us dream of taking a holiday in some exotic location, Europe remains one of the more popular destinations for North Americans. Yes, you can dream of Paris in springtime or a Roman holiday like in the movies. But for my money you just can’t beat the northern countries such as Norway, Sweden and most of all Denmark for a stylish holiday that is easy on the budget. To make it a holiday you will remember for the places you visited instead of the impact it made on your bank account, you need a few travel tips to help along the way. From finding your cheapest apartment Copenhagen holiday style to taking transit to explore Denmark, here are some ways you can make the trip both memorable and inexpensive.

Eat like a Native

Sometimes when you plan a holiday that is a bit off the beaten path such as in Denmark’s fabulous Copenhagen, you need to think like a native. Why spend a ton of money on a hotel room when all you really plan to do is sleep in it? There are two ways you can attack this and both will give you a native view of the city.

To start with, the city has apartment hotels that are cheaper if you plan to visit as a family. For groups or families, renting an apartment through one of these agencies will allow you to shop and cook, saving on the expense of eating out. We tended to use them to cut on our expenses and made up by stopping at a local pub for a beer or a café for a coffee in the afternoon. But shopping at the local markets meant enjoying our time with our group of holiday friends including exploring the local wines for cheap because we drank at home. It also meant we had the money to see more museums and take exploratory trips around the countryside instead of spending them on dinners out.

Sleep like a Native

Another alternative is to use AirBnB if you travel alone and stay in someone’s home. When I travel on my own I prefer to use this online service to find private homes and rent a bedroom from a local family. It means I often get tips on great local places to visit, and sometimes even a great kitchen to use while staying. It requires checking out the listings with care but can be worth the work when you find a place and family you love.

Travel like a Native

If you plan to visit a city on your holiday, leave the car at home. Take transit into the city and be sure to use it to explore while you are there. I have often found that local bus drivers have plenty of ideas of places to explore. If the city has good rapid transit you might even be able to take it to outlying areas and do more exploration. And don’t forget that in many places in Europe you can rent a bike and see even more up close and personal. Check out how the locals like to travel and be sure to ask questions. The answers will lead you to more adventures!

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