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Ready to explore someplace new and maybe try a different way to holiday? Biking tours are cropping up all over the world, so there are limitless possibilities for a getaway that the family will never forget! People of all ages and activity levels can experience these types of tours, and there are a number of companies out there offering varying experiences. Start this year off with something out of the box! This could end up being the trip of a lifetime.

All Ages, All Levels

Don’t worry about whether these tours are suitable for athletes only. There is usually a bicycle tour for every age and fitness level. In fact, a lot of people who take these holidays are trying them for the first time and don’t have ample biking experience. It’s just a fun way to see a new place and try something different! The professionals at the travel agency can help with any questions and advice. Kids are definitely welcome on many cycling tours. There is a variety of options available on different tour sites, so be sure to explore all the possibilities. This is a great holiday to take as a family. It gets kids out of the house and they might even discover a new hobby!

As for fitness levels, people of all athletic abilities can check out these tours. The adventures are usually categorised based on level of difficulty. Depending on the level, participants can expect to bike between

18 and 75 miles per day. Of course, many of these travel companies offer alternatives holidays as well. They might incorporate biking into the trip rather than make it the main focus of the excursion. This is why it’s a good idea to check out all the options available.

A Whole New World

It’s one thing to take a typical tour of a city or foreign country. Cycling holidays take the experience to a whole new level. There is nothing quite like exploring a new place while traversing hills, mountainsides, and gorgeous landscapes. Cycling tours give people a brand-new perspective of a place, even if they’ve already visited before.  These types of holidays give families a chance to delve deeper into a different culture and truly experience the local history of a place. Getting the full experience means immersing oneself in the food, arts and community of the destination. Biking through a city and stopping at local spots guarantees a unique outing!

There are typically two ways to go about a cycling tour: self-guided and guided. The latter is when an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide leads the group throughout the trip, highlighting history, facts and anything else tourists should know. Self-guided tours omit the guide, but provide an itinerary, directions and guidelines for the cyclists. It’s a fun way to visit an interesting location without any unnecessary interference from a guide. It’s your adventure on your terms!

Take a closer look at these cycling tours, and you may just find your dream destination on the tour list!

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