V-Toon® technology: Taking boat engineering to a level higher

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Pontoon Boats have been into use for several years, but the V-Toon® technology has managed to bring a revolution in the boating industry. The approach of this technology is pretty different from general boat manufacturers. Where some manufacturers focus just over the stability and buoyancy of the boats while onstill waters;right there the V-Toon® technology people work upon the dynamics that will ensure good performance of the boat even while on move.

V-Toon® technology is taking the boat engineering to a new level altogether. Ithas made the pontoon boats far more superior in hull design, given higher acceleration, stability and top end speeds. The V-Toon® technology in the v hull boats is the result of years of dedicated research. Experts have worked hard for a decade to decipher the secrets of attaining that perfect shape, positioning, diameter and other features in a boat to deliver an impeccable performance over the waters. And the results are unquestionable with an unforgettable performance.

V-Hull in the pontoon boats has become a rage as their combo is offering excellent features. Some of the enhanced features are:

  • Deadrise: This is somewhat like a shield that act to soften the ride. These are angles of the hulls surface that deflect the energy formed by the water waves and wakes. It also impacts the way the boat will respond to the slides.
  • Dynamic Lift: Boats generally have been made to float but once they start to accelerate, there is a dynamic increase amid the water and hull surfaces. After a right magnitude of angle of surface as well as speed, the pontoon boat either lifts over the waters or planes down.
  • Stability: There comes a great amount of stability in performance of the pontoon boats with optimal deadrise and dynamic lift.

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