Volunteer in Thailand to Give Positive Contributions to the Community and Explore Places

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As you research about volunteering in Thailand, you may encounter a lot opportunities available for you. From preserving coral reefs to volunteering with elephants to helping to bring contemporary healthcare to hill tribes, there is something for everybody. As you start your plan, consider the guide below.

Know the Country Before you Go

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with diverse geography. From jungles to mountains to white sand beaches, the country has everything, usually in the same place. In general, the country is more mountainous in the north and more agrarian and flatter in the south towards Bangkok.

While the country is an ethnically diverse nation, 93% of its population is Buddhist. If you are interested in religion, you will find out that Thai Buddhism is more animistic than forms found in other countries in Asia.

For a lot of foreigners, learning the Thai language is quite hard to learn because it’s tonal and has few English cognates. And the language is written in the country’s unique script that requires an outsider to do some study to understand it.

Kinds of Volunteering Opportunities

 As you select a kind of volunteering that is suitable for you, make sure you take into account your own interests and skills. While unskilled volunteers are welcome, volunteers who have specialized skills can usually do more for a volunteering organization in the long run.

  • Volunteer with Elephants. This program gives you the opportunity to work in elephant rehabilitation centers. These elephants have been rescued from the tourist industry. You will be in a team to care for and monitor elephants released in the forest to have a more natural life.  This experience lets you learn about elephant training, social interactions, behaviors and more.
  • Coastal Conservation Expedition. This international volunteer program lets you learn coastal and marine conservation while you work alongside fellow volunteers and a team of local researchers. You will help out with various areas of conservation like sea turtle study and habitat maintenance, environmental awareness in schools, community centers and hotels as well as biodiversity surveys, community development and beach cleanup.

  • Healthcare Projects. In case you have an interest in expanding your healthcare education or building a career in this field, you can volunteer in disabled children. You will take on tasks like leading simple exercises and games as well as engaging kids in art therapy activities and playtime. These can help in teaching families some ways to care for children who have special needs. During your free time and weekends, you can explore islands, beaches, caves and parks.
  • Teaching English to Buddhist Monks. You work takes place in a temple. It includes helping with homework, cleaning the classroom, planning activities and games and assisting teachers with lessons. You will be staying in a guest house with fellow volunteers and on weekends, you can explore the area, shop for groceries and supplies or visit some attractions.
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