What to Look for in Grand Cayman Vacation Rentals

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Sure, people go to the Caribbean for sand, surf, and sun but everyone also has to eat, drink, and sleep. The place where you’ll stay will determine how well rested you are for the activities you’ve planned for the days ahead. Most of those who go to the Cayman Islands stay in the Grand Cayman, the biggest land mass in the territory. It’s where the capital city is located and it has the most highly developed areas for tourism. Naturally, it also has the highest concentration of possible accommodations. When searching for Grand Cayman vacation rentals, be sure to consider the following factors:

Ample Space

Among the biggest considerations is having enough space for the entire group. Those traveling alone or with their partner will not have much difficulty when it comes to this. Virtually any room will do except if they have special needs. The importance of space rises as the number of people in the group increases. A small family, for instance, will likely want to have at least two rooms — for the adults and the kids. Bump that up to a 3-room suite for bigger families with a shared living space for impromptu gatherings.


Essential Facilities

After that, check out the facilities that the place has to offer both inside and outside the room. List the things that you can’t do without. This will perhaps include high-speed wireless Internet, hot and cold showers, a private swimming pool, an in-house gym, office equipment, 24/7 security, and so on. Compare and contrast the facilities which can be found in various locations so that you can get a feel for what is possible in the islands. A lot of the guests are fairly affluent so don’t be surprised to find plenty of luxury items on many lists.


Convenient Location

The majority of the vacation rentals are located along the Seven Mile Beach. This is by far the most preferred site in all of the Cayman Islands because it’s where all the action is, so to speak. Every place of interest is somewhere out on the strip or very near it. One can simply walk to get to notable establishments. It helps that this is a beautiful beach as well. Those who wish to avoid the crowds will want to get a unit on a different part of the island. Other beaches are quiet though not as developed and are sometimes rocky.


Reasonable Rates

Lastly, everything must fit into the budget. Accommodations generally compete with the airfare in terms of being the biggest expense on a trip. The longer you plan to stay, the more carefully you have to be when selecting your rental unit. If money is no object, then go ahead and splurge at any of the five star hotels. You could also rent an entire villa or resort if you wish. For most, however, it would be far more realistic to seek out budget rooms with decent facilities. Condominiums are prime examples of this and they have risen in prominence over the years.


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