Why You Should Visit Berkshire

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Berkshire is a beautiful place that many people go to get a glimpse into the life of the Royal family as well as take in the beautiful scenery. However, there are many things to do in Berkshire besides visit Windsor Castle. Berkshire is not only a great place to visit but there is plenty of the locals to get up to. If you’d like to know more, make sure to keep reading to find out why you should visit Berkshire this summer.

Windsor Castle

Although we have mentioned that Windsor Castle is not the only great thing about Berkshire, it would be a shame to miss out on this historic castle if you visit Windsor. This huge castle that spans an area of around 13 acres is home to Her Majesty the Queen and many members of the Royal family spend time here. Many tourists visit the UK every year in the hope that they’ll get to see the Queen in this famous castle or even a glimpse of the beautiful St George’s Chapel while they’re here.

The Living Rainforest

If you aren’t interested in taking in the historic Royal buildings, then you might want to visit the Living Rainforest in Berkshire. The world is changing, and many plants and animals are becoming extinct, but you can get an insight into the lives of these animals right here in Berkshire. This beautiful location has some great sights for you to enjoy as you dive deep into the rainforest and look through the 20,000 square ft of glass that protects the wildlife.

The Savill Garden

If you still aren’t sure that Berkshire is the place for you then you might be convinced by The Savill Garden. Created in the 1930s, this huge attraction has 35 acres of gardens for you to explore and you’ll be drawn in by the exotic woodland. There’s plenty to see here and you won’t be disappointed that you strayed away from the usual attractions. The great thing about this garden is that it changes throughout the year as different flowers bloom.

Newbury Racecourse

Located in West Berkshire, you’ll find the famous Newbury Racecourse. This attraction has so much to offer and you won’t be disappointed if you give it a visit. Experience some excellent hospitality and a really fun day out if you visit on one of the 28 race days. Not only do the locals like to visit this racecourse but you’ll also find some celebrities here on certain days of the year.

The Culture

Berkshire has plenty more to offer than just some beautiful surroundings and Royal buildings, there are some great places for you to eat and drink as well. Check out the urban guide to Berkshire if you want to get more of an insight into why Berkshire is so popular with tourists and how the locals live. Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea or have a pint in one of the beautiful local pubs.

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